How To Work Through Detox Withdrawal

Drugs are bad.  When we look at drugs and how they affect the body, we can see that they target the mind as well as other organs conditioning them in such a way that they soon become dependent on them.  If this is a condition that you are experiencing, detox programs in rosemead, ca may be your only option for relief.

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The first state you will typically feel is depression.  In general, drugs will start to work on the chemical balances of the brain.  While taking them we feel good, we are happy, strong and on top of the world.  However, after taking them we start to become depressed because the dopamine that was produced is no longer present.


Next, we will begin to feel anxious.  This is where the drugs withdrawal starts to work on the body.  Through this process our muscles will begin to ache, our eyes will be more sensitive to light and we will begin to have issues sleeping.  This is due to the body trying to pull the chemicals back into itself and since you are not giving it willingly, your body is trying to force you into making the decision.

Mood Swings

After the depression and the anxiety your mind will then team up with your body and work against you.  They will create mood swings which will make you feel happy and upbeat one minute and then depressed, angry and negative the next.  This is going to be your body’s final attempt to get you to nicely start taking the drugs again.  After this, your symptoms will get really intense.


Finally, if nothing else works, your body will shut down and make you go to sleep.  You won’t be able to work, eat, or even sleep.  You will just be a walking zombie.

Before all of this happens, you need to go through a detox program that will safely force your body through these stages quickly without major symptoms.  It is also vital that you never go through a detox program alone.  If you do, your body could go into shock causing injury to even death.